Matt Hardy Sends Message About Recreating Himself During WWE RAW

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Matt Hardy wasn’t cleared to compete on WWE Raw this week. That didn’t stop Randy Orton from destroying him with a steel chair.

Hardy’s WWE contract is running up on March 1st. He hasn’t signed a new deal yet and there have been plenty of hints that he’s looking to express his creativity elsewhere.

Reby Hardy, Matt’s wife commented after Randy Orton’s brutal attack on her husband. A short time later, Matt Hardy also commented during the show. He said that tragedy can fracture you, but when that happens it’s time to pick yourself up and become something even greater.

When tragedy FRACTURES you, SHATTERS you.. Pick up the pieces & recreate yourself into something GREATER.

The #BROKEN pieces won’t be lost in limbo forever.


Matt Hardy is 45-years-old, but he’s still in great shape. Age isn’t the huge factor that it used to be in pro wrestling, especially with so many stars keeping themselves in prime condition.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Matt Hardy. At this time, Jeff Hardy’s WWE contract is still frozen so he’s not going anywhere right not.

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