Impact Wrestling ‘Hard To Kill’ Results – January 12th, 2020

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Rob Van Dam vs. Brian Cage

RVD’s girlfriend’s girlfriend distracted Cage during his entrance. RVD jumped him and started the match off on the assault. Cage rallied a bit, and then RVD kicked a chair in his face.

Cage’s mouth was busted open with the Van Daminator. RVD’s girlfriend held the chair and he hit a Van Terminator. There was blood all over Cage’s face now.

Daga ran down to stop the match because Cage was hurt. A bunch of referees ran down too and they rolled Cage out. Josh Mathews said that Cage can no longer compete.

RVD kicked Daga and they started another match apparently.

RVD vs Daga

Daga nailed a dropkick off a monkeyflip from RVD and then Daga started to rally. He kicked RVD out of the ring and Katie Forbes covered Van Dam before Daga nailed a dive.

Daga hit a few more quick powermoves for a two count. RVD hit a couple of vintage moves like a corkscrew leg dropped. Then he nailed a 5 Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: RVD

Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards

They quickly moved outside where Elgin removed the ringside mats. They teased taking a bump on the mat, but it didn’t happen. Eddie hit a dive to the outside, but Elgin rocked him with a forearm. Then Eddie took a suplex onto the concrete.

Elgin continued his assault on Edwards, but he couldn’t close the deal. Then Big Mike tried to twist Eddie’s head off.

The suplexed each other over the top rope sending them tumbling to the floor. Eddie hit a belly to belly on the floor next before hitting a suicide dive.

Eddie hit a backpack stunner for a two count. Then Eddie hit a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Elgin returned fire, but could not secure a victory. Michael nailed a forearm and Edwards crumbled only to come back and trace forearms to get dropped once again.

They started trading clotheslines next and they were stiff. Eddie hit a tigerbomb for a two count. They moved to the top rope and Elgin nailed a German Suplex off the top for another two count.

Elgin nailed a splash mountain bomb for another two count. Elgin went for another bomb, but Edwards rolled him up for a pin and won.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Moose vs. Rhino

This was a slugfest early on. Moose hit a spear, but Rhino rolled out of the ring. They continued to brawl and Moose nailed a chair shot or three.

They moved to the stage and Rhino blocked a suplex. Moose bit Rhino’s face and Rhino hit a back body drop on the ramp. Then Rhino pulled out a chair and hit Moose across the back.

Moose got out a table and looked to powerbomb Rhino off the apron through the table. Rhino got free and then Rhino powerbombed Moose through the table.

Rhino threw a bunch of chairs in the ring. Moose hit Rhino with a trashcan lid and nailed a senton. Moose hit a top rope elbow for a two count. Rhino stopped Moose on the top with a chair before stacking all the chairs and hitting a superplex on the chairs.

Rhino got another table and set it up in the corner. Moose kicked Rhino to block a Gore through the table. Rhino nailed a clothesline for a two count.

Rhino hit a Gore through the table, but Moose pulled the referee through the table. A second referee counted for two.

Moose nailed a low blow and a spear for the win.

Winner: Moose

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