Jordan Myles quit WWE after saying that he will no longer use that “slave name.” After it came out that Super ACH not only picked the name “Jordan Myles” but he also gave his thumbs up to the t-shirt he later called racist a lot of fans likened him to Jussie Smollett.

It didn’t take ACH long to end up in MLW and then he quit the entire sport of pro wrestling as whole. Then Shad Gaspard unloaded on ACH by telling him to “shut the f*ck up.” This was quite a turn of events on his birthday.

Super ACH replied to a fan who tweeted something that he didn’t appreciate. The fan deleted his tweet, but ACH’s response remains: “I’m not gonna block you. In fact, I want you to see what I post. Because you obviously care more than you try to let off. You trying to belittle me because I called out WWE for making shirt that offended me and reminded me of blackface? You can say what you want.”

Another fan replied back with a tweet in Spanish. When translated this tweet said: “I supported you from Mexico and it’s a shame to see how crying and fragile you turned out to be besides being irresponsible.”


Super ACH obviously didn’t hit the “translate” button on Twitter. Perhaps he did, but that didn’t stop him from replying back by saying:

Bidi bidi bom bom to you too

This quote from the late singer Selena was not received very well at all. Plenty of people understood what this fan was saying because this tweet was in Spanish. Since ACH is from Texas one would assume that he might have a grasp on the language as well.

Several tweets followed from fans calling Super ACH out for not practicing what he preached in regards to #ForTheCulture. Some even called Super ACH racist and a hypocrite. Regardless of his intentions for sending out this tweet it’s not a very good look for him at all.

Felix Upton

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