Kane said that his debut storyline with The Undertaker is the best angle that WWE has ever done during a recent appearance on Pardon My Take. Paul Bearer hyped Kane’s arrival in extremely creepy ways and when Kane finally made that big Hell In A Cell debut everyone’s jaw dropped.

The Big Red Machine was a monster and this was a much better gimmick than an evil dentist. The new gimmick for Glenn Jacobs still came with an unbelievable amount of pressure because he had to live up to his kayfabe brother’s legacy.

“I had some characters that I won’t mention that weren’t successful so there was some pressure, man. A lot of it was just my debut like, ‘Just don’t mess this up.'”

“I wasn’t so worried about [ripping the door off] I was worried about the Tombstone and making that look good and everything. Yeah, it was pretty nerve racking because of all the pressure on it. The Undertaker’s a huge star and I’m getting thrown right in the mix with him of course. It was a little nerve racking.”


“That was a thing too that in some way Kane was paying tribute or mocking The Undertaker by doing the same stuff that he did. We designed all of that on purpose, but yeah, I didn’t have to invent anything.”

Kane’s legendary career with WWE isn’t over yet. Even as Mayor of Knox County Tennessee he can still pop in on RAW and become WWE 24/7 Champion. The longevity of his career is thanks to his character’s ability to evolve which is another trait he shares with The Undertaker as both men have adopted different versions of themselves throughout the years.

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