Backstage Thought WWE Might Be ‘F*cking With The Revival’ After Recent Releases

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The Revival asked for their releases from WWE months ago, but they were not granted. Since then the Top Guys have been heavily involved in multiple stories.

WWE even tacked more time onto Dash Wilder’s contract. He was out of action for a few months right after his main roster call-up and WWE wants that time back. They have yet to re-sign with WWE, but those releases don’t seem to be coming either.

Fightful Select reports that after the four releases that WWE handed down today that there could be a feeling that The Revival are being messed with.

One person in the company joked with us, saying “It’s either a coincidence or next level f*cking with The Revival that a bunch of people get granted their releases, but they can’t release them because they have a title match on next weekend’s show.” 

The Revival are in a SmackDown Tag Team Title match at TLC on December 15th. They are not the odds-on favorite to win the titles at TLC, but they aren’t likely to be released either.

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