Enzo Amore knows what money looks like in the pro wrestling business. As part of a duo with Big Cass, he made a killing on all that merchandise. Now that he’s not a WWE Superstar, NZO is still a brand and he knows how to make the most of his situation.

While speaking to Hannibal TV, NZO said that the Joey Janela fight at Blink 182 concert was money. He was also asked if he has ever considered suing WWE over how he was released over a few tweets that turned out to be fabricated.

NZO continued to speak about how he appreciated his time in WWE while transitioning into how he uses moments like invading MSG to help his brand now.

“You continue to appreciate the time you had, but at the same time move on, know exactly what it is that you brought to the table. Believe in yourself. Stay confident. Stay inspired and take the opportunities that they give you and create your own platform. Make the most of fans that meet you and are gracious and I’m grateful for the opportunity that you still get out there and meet fans and things of that nature. The bottom line is I am in 2019 much like other wrestlers, not me — my own brand.”


“When you have a million followers or a million plus followers on Instagram and social media in general you have the ability to book yourself. Bring yourself in and out of situations. Make music, get endorsement deals, have fun you should completely treat yourself as a brand and if WWF is a brand invading WCW Monday Night Nitro in a tank on TV they did not ask for permission to do to WCW, but they were by law in the legal right to do that. They could do that.”

“I’m Enzo Amore, I’m my own brand, Enzo Amore’s dead now, I apologize, I’m NZO now. I’m my own brand. If I show up on your pay-per-view and I trend #1 in all the world and all I had to do was pay $2,500 to buy a ticket and parlay that into an opportunity at Madison Square Garden where I jump a guard rail and we trend again #1 in the world that’s just taking advantage of opportunity and at the same time being gracious and saying I’m not going to be bullied or stand there while you throw dirt on my name or make it so that you can’t type my name in on your WWE Network and I don’t pop up anymore.”

We’ll just have to see if NZO will try to drum up more press soon enough by popping into an event as a fan and stealing the show away from the performers. He certainly seems motivated to continue making his mark in pro wrestling.

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