AEW’s Plan For Future Ultra Violent Matches

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Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega had an insane match that closed out AEW Full Gear. There were dangerous and unconventional weapons like chains, mouse traps, and broken glass. They also used plenty of barbed wire and there was a fair amount of blood as well. Don’t expect this to be the status quo in All Elite Wrestling.

Bryan Alvarez stated during Wrestling Observer Live that it’s very likely we won’t see another weapons-filled unsanctioned match in AEW for quite a while.

“My impression after talking to people today is I don’t think you’re gonna see a match like this again for a long time if ever, okay? I could be wrong, but the impression I was given is that Jon Moxley really wanted to do a match like this so they let him do the match. I think it’s out of his — I shouldn’t say it’s out of his system — but, it’s done now. I think it’s over.”

You can never rule out Jon Moxley doing something incredibly dangerous in one of his matches down the line. Nobody can stop him from doing what he wants out there, but it might be a very long time until fans see something like this out of AEW again.

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