Lana Shares Lingerie Footage From Bedroom Before Bobby Lashley Segment

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Lana is in a pretty steamy storyline right now in WWE. It wasn’t 8:05 PM and she was taking her bra off on the USA Network in bed with a man other than her husband.

Before she hopped in bed with the All Mighty, Lana shared a video on her Instagram story showing off her wardrobe for that night’s scene. She also picked a Kanye West song as her soundtrack.

We’ll just have to see how this angle ends. It was noted that men are writing this storyline so it’s anyone’s guess. Lana seems to be having a good time though.

You can check out the footage below to get a better look at what Bobby Lashley was dealing with last night as he cuddled with the Ravishing Russian in bed.

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