Lana Wore A $100,000 Outfit During WWE RAW Return

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Lana’s big return to WWE Raw was quite surprising, and she did it with style.

On her YouTube channel, Lana revealed some serious behind the scene footage of her WWE return. She also showed her dog jumping up on her while she was wearing her sparkly return attire.

Lana revealed that her outfit was so exclusive and expensive that it needed to be personally flown to the USA. There apparently isn’t enough insurance to cover her outfit.

“You can’t come to a premiere. The Ravishing Russian cannot come to a premiere and not be freaking bedazzling sparkling brighter than a diamond. Someone has to personally fly it into the United States Of America. They can’t ship it because it’s so expensive that literally you can’t ship it like there’s not enough insurance. That’s how crazy it is.”

Lana made her big return and everything went well all things considering. Rusev might not be too thrilled with how everything turned out, but it will likely give him plenty of motivation as they continue.

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