WWE Reportedly Approved Matt Riddle & Goldberg’s Online Beef

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Goldberg and Matt Riddle had a rather awkward exchange backstage at Summerslam, but apparently their online beef was orchestrated by WWE, or at least it was approved.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter covered Goldberg and Riddle’s little feud where it was noted that WWE approved everything that Matt Riddle was saying about Goldberg. This is very interesting especially considering the timeliness of some of Riddle’s social media shots at Goldberg.

Keep in mind this stuff is all approved, if not encouraged by WWE management because if it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be doing it. It’s just a way for him to get attention.

This was a great way for Matt Riddle to gain attention, but if it was a work and approved by WWE then they might want to make it known within the company. Because while he continues to disrespect the WCW legends, Matt Riddle might be drawing even more heat on himself in the process. Because obviously Chris Jericho is out of the loop, but he wasn’t too happy about what Riddle said either.

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