Matt Riddle told a fun little story about having an awkward conversation with Goldberg backstage at Summerslam. That is exactly what happened.

The Original Bro ran into Goldberg backstage at Summerslam according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This was after Riddle had mocked Goldberg online for quite some time.

Although Riddle never ran into Brock Lesnar, he did see Goldberg who did throw a shoulder at Riddle. Goldberg then looked at him and said, “We’ve got some talking to do.”

Riddle replied saying, “We can talk any time.” Then Matt Riddle called Goldberg, “Bro.” Goldberg replied back saying “I’m not your bro,” to which Riddle said: “Alright bro, take it easy.”


Goldberg said, “I’ll see you later, and it was a pleasure meeting you (Bill has the attitude generally if people are dicks to him to in his words, “kill them with kindness”), and Riddle said, “The pleasure was all mine, bro.” And Goldberg said, “I’m not your bro.

It seems like Goldberg vs Matt Riddle might still be a match that fans can wait for. We’ll just have to wait and see if WWE will ever book that contest, but fans can only hope that those two will have a chance to really see who is the better pro wrestler eventually.

Felix Upton

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