NXT Brand WWE Would Love To Start Revealed

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WWE has a lot of plans about how they want to expand their global empire, but one place they haven’t visited yet for NXT might be getting their own brand soon enough.

During the post TakeOver conference call, Triple H revealed that WWE would love to start an NXT brand in Latin America. They obviously have a lot of plans to make, but the way he discussed this idea it sounds like they already have some ideas.

WWE has been working hard to make sure their brand remains the top in the world. Expanding to new global markets certainly seems like a logical way to go. They are also constantly on the search for a new top Latin American Superstar on the main roster so this could serve multiple purposes.

The company just recently held tryouts in Canada with an NXT Canada brand rumored as well. Therefore, it looks like NXT UK won’t be the only off-shoot of the NXT brand soon enough because WWE’s plans for expansion have only just begun.

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