MJF Isn’t Verified Because ‘Twitter Is Scared’

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MJF is going to probably be a highlighted act for AEW when they debut on TNT in the fall. The company is reportedly willing to do a lot in order to keep him around.

The Salt Of The Earth recently got into it with the IWC’s own Ryan Satin when The Sheet podcast host fired a pretty big shot MJF’s way: “How come you didn’t get verified and everyone else in AEW did?”

This is unfortunate because it all started with Satin hoping everyone had a great day. Maxwell Jacob Friedman called him a “kiss ass” and it just snowballed from there. MJF read this remark about his verification and he had a very simple reply.

“Twitter is scared. You should be too.”

We’ll just see how long it takes for MJF to get his blue verification check mark after this one.


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