WWE Considering More Backstage Additions To Further Protect Vince McMahon

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WWE has a lot going on backstage when it comes to micromanaging things. Jon Moxley spoke about this in-depth during his recent shoot interviews. It is something that is clouding up the backstage environment and protecting Vince McMahon even more as everything still wraps around whatever he wants to happen while making harder to gain access to him.

Producers are used to arrange matches and help tell the stories in the ring. They are usually very smart people, but as Mox also stated they have zero job security. Because Vince McMahon is prone to fire a writer or producer for practically any reason.

PW Insider notes that WWE is discussing bringing in even more producers backstage for the main roster.

There has also been discussion of adding several more Producers to the main roster.

This is interesting, but it seems like it could be furthering the idea that Vince McMahon doesn’t want people actually coming to him with ideas anymore. Instead, he can now have a line of producers ready to answer any Superstar’s questions as they continue to cater to whatever they think Vince McMahon will like.

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