WWE is owned and operated by Vince McMahon and that’s how he likes it. Essentially, we’re just watching him play with real-life action figures on a weekly basis and fans have started to enjoy Vince’s play-time less and less each week. The plummeting ratings is proof of this.

While speaking to Forbes, Konnan discussed WWE as he sees it. He is an outsider from the company, but he can see what is going on. It is all about Vince McMahon and catering to what he wants to see instead of the fans.

“Somewhere along the way, [WWE] lost their way. I work in Mexico and I help put together a live show, but it’s like a two-hour show and that’s it. They’re doing a three-hour show on Monday, and then a two-hour show and all that original content in WWE Ride Along and Table for 3. SmackDown is usually better because it’s only two hours and their storylines are better. A lot of times, at the end of the day, it’s what Vince McMahon wants, and it shouldn’t be what he wants, it should be what the fans want.”

The obvious answer a lot of people go to is saying that McMahon should retire from WWE and focus only on the XFL. However, that might also destroy the company’s stock which they don’t want either.


Only time will tell if they will be able to find a happy medium between keeping Vince McMahon and the fans happy, but something changed a while ago to make it all about McMahon.

H Jenkins

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