Lars Sullivan will have his first match on the WWE main roster this Friday at Super ShowDown. He will take on the Lucha House Party and that is likely not going to end well for them.

WWE Superstars will sometimes experience several character changes during their time with the company and being a sadistic freak might just be the first step in Sullivan’s journey. Because WWE apparently plans on turning him babyface eventually.

Dave Meltzer explained the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio. Needless to say, WWE has plans for Sullivan, but it might be a while until fans are ready to cheer for him.

“I mean with Lars they don’t even get the monster, I know with Vince especially when he said that one line about bodily fluids and the announcers start laughing it’s like, oh god they’re writing for Vince and Vince actually likes this and the announcers have to laugh at something that’s not funny, it was really bad.”


“It’s like they’ve got this idea that Lars is this tortured guy who his whole life he’s been called a freak so because of that he acts so violently on everyone, but he’s actually in a weird way very intelligent. This is the idea of his character.”

“They’re already [working with] the idea that someday like Braun Strowman he’ll be this big babyface. I can already see it. Maybe, I just think he should be a monster and never talk.”

WWE obviously has big plans for Lars Sullivan because they didn’t fire him after ton of backlash started when those old bodybuilding message board posts went viral. At this point, they wouldn’t have fired Sullivan because he can always just go to Japan and be huge star so a $100,000 fine had to do.

Vince McMahon is going all the way with Sullivan and it looks like no amount of controversy is going to stop that from happening.

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