Vince McMahon runs WWE the way he sees fit, but that obviously doesn’t work for everybody. Ryback hasn’t been shy at all about discussing the tactics that WWE takes with their employees and he’s still not okay with it.

Ryback said that Mark Carrano told him that they were going to start jobbing him out on television and pull the rug out from underneath him before finally firing him. He didn’t let that happen.

Instead, Ryback did the smart thing and he waited until his injury was healed and he let his contract run out before walking out. As he spoke to Chris Van Vliet, he had nothing more to say to Vince McMahon.

“I left and I didn’t talk to anyone. I think me and Dolph Ziggler went and got wings at Hooters. I go to St. Louis and I saw the booking for the day and I hadn’t started the new contract they have given me so the games had already started. I just knew I was done. I sat there for a bit and I thought it through fully and I was already pretty close to leaving, I was just waiting. And I said this is it. I went and said what I had to say and they said ‘Do you want to go talk to Vince’ and I said ‘I never want to f**king talk to him again’ and I left.”


Now Ryback will send messages to Vince McMahon through social media, but it’s doubtful that The Chairman checks his mentions. If he does see what Ryback is saying then he can’t be happy about it.

Ryback seems to be feeling better after his work with WWE wrecked his shoulder and lower back. He could be looking forward to the next step in his pro wrestling journey now, but it won’t include a return to WWE.

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the quote

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