Big E Jokes About Streaming Erotica During RAW

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WWE needs to figure something out to get viewers. Vince McMahon invented the Wild Card Rule, but it hasn’t helped much then the USA Network proposed the 24/7 Title and WWE introduced that too.

The company is also sending out thirsty emails to remind fans that RAW is still on the air. It also appears that Big E has some pretty thirsty thoughts as he is still pining after Becky Lynch’s mother, but at least he’s coming up with some ideas for RAW while he’s in that mindset.

The still-injured Big E tweeted out an idea he’s been working on. Needless to say, it has received an interesting reaction.

I’ve been crafting a tweet in which I barge into a network meeting and pitch streaming erotica during Raw’s 3rd hour. It’s soon revealed that I confused “edgy” for “edging.” But something is off.

Big E’s Twitter is amazing and offers a taste of what he could actually do if WWE really let him loose and didn’t script segments so heavily. Maybe WWE will someday just resort to airing erotica during RAW because it could certainly pop a rating.

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