Dustin Rhodes Reveals How He Got Busted Open At AEW Double Or Nothing

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Dustin Rhodes lost an insane match against his brother Cody at AEW Double Or Nothing. It is good to be a Rhodes today, but last night was a bloody battle.

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Dustin’s blood was pouring out of a gash in his head during his match against Cody. By the end of the match, they needed to change out the entire canvas.

Both Cody Rhodes and referee Earl Hebner were covered with crimson from the former Goldust, but all of this started with a cane shot and not an exposed turnbuckle as Dustin revealed to Chris Van Vliet during a media scrum following Double Or Nothing.

“Cody’s cane has a wolf head on it so Brandi — I know she doesn’t like me, at all — right? I really don’t care for her either, but she hit me square in almost my temple — it felt like my temple. Then I went down and I’m like what the hell? Then she speared me and I rolled over and [blood] started shooting out. It started shooting out I was like, oh god, oh god that’s a deep one.”

“[The blood] was blinding at times in the match it was like, ‘oh man it won’t stop.’ It just kept coming. I think the sweat in the building does that too, probably my nerves because I was so hyped up for it.”

Dustin Rhodes said he never thought about saying “I quit” despite how gory the scene got in the ring. It really did look like a murder scene by the time it was all said and done, and apparently, it was all thanks to Brandi Rhodes and not a razor blade that Dustin snuck into the match to assist in getting color.

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