Ryback Says WWE’s Time Will Come If Fans Realize The Power They Have

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Ryback is not employed by WWE anymore, but he is still very interested in what the company is doing because he still has some very good friends who are still there.

The Big Guy has spoken openly about wanting a wrestlers’ union as well as other benefits. He also wasn’t afraid at all to reveal a threatening legal letter he received from WWE either. This is something is obviously cares about quite a bit as he continues to advocate for WWE Superstars and how the company treats them.

One fan asked Ryback, “how has WWE not been cancelled yet?” The answer for this is of course, because WWE is a global superpower in sports entertainment, but Ryback had a different reply because he said their time is coming.

Their time will come. You guys have more power than you realize. Tv networks and sponsors and you can help create change for not only better wrestling conditions for the talent, but hopefully a better overall product.

At this time it doesn’t appear that WWE will be doing anything to correct the issues that Ryback has with them. They have a lot of sponsors and other sources of revenue that people can always contact, but as long as Vince McMahon’s company is getting that Saudi Arabia and Secret Life Of Pets 2 money it’s not likely that they will be changing their ways any time soon.

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