Cesaro Debuts New Gimmick On WWE RAW

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Cesaro has seen a few gimmicks in WWE from his days with Tyson Kidd to imitating James Bond. Now that he’s no longer with Sheamus and The Bar is done it looks like a new chapter in Cesaro’s career has started.

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Cesaro appeared on RAW this week to take on Ricochet where he won in decisive fashion. However, Cesaro’s entire entrance has changed. He now has a green stage and much different music that is much more cinematic. Although Cesaro still holds out his thumb to form 1/2 of The Bar, everything else is different.

Cesaro is much more hard-knocks than he was before. They talked him up on commentary as the Swiss Cyborg dismantled Ricochet while taking advantage of The One And Only being so weary after Money In The Bank. He is working as a no nonsense heel now and fans seemed to be on board.

It appears that Cesaro is moving on to his next phase as a singles competitor. Perhaps this new innovation in his character will help elevate him to a much higher level that he is capable of.

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