Lio Rush Proves He’s NOT Watching WWE RAW

Lio Rush has some serious backstage heat on himself in WWE. As we previously reported, some backstage in the company don’t expect Rush will be back on Raw at this point.

Those reports were pretty much confirmed this week when Rush didn’t show up on the program. Bobby Lashley walked himself to the ring and did his own talking in the third person.

Lio Rush put up an Instagram story during RAW. He wanted to let fans know exactly what he was watching instead of WWE’s programming. As it turns out, he found himself in an Impractical Jokers marathon which isn’t hard to do seeing how that show is on all the time on TruTV.

“Just what I needed.”

It looks like Lio Rush might be spending a lot more time at home on Monday nights. He was obviously in a hotel room tonight though. Hopefully, things can get smoothed over, but his backstage heat became a breaking point which is why he was at home instead of at work this week.

Written by H Jenkins

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