Ronda Rousey dropped the Raw Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. In the process, Lynch became Becky Two Belts and Rousey severely broke her hand as she punched away at The Man during the WrestleMania main event match.

Now fans are wondering when Rousey will make a return. WWE has an idea of when they would like to see her come back, but we will just have to wait and see what actually comes of their expectations.

Fightful reports that “WWE officials are hopeful that she’ll return late this year or early next year, though she’s given no firm indication of her plans.” This doesn’t give a very clear timeline for her eventual return, but the important part to take from this is that there is hope for her to come back eventually.

As we previously reported Rousey’s future with the company is totally up to her. She has stated in interviews that she doesn’t need WWE’s money and she is correct. However, her deal still isn’t up with the company even though the portion of her full-time status appears to be up. 

Rousey is scheduled for surgery this Tuesday to repair her broken hand. So that definitely needs to be corrected and healed up before any firm return talks can probably begin.

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