Ronda Rousey Reveals Exclusive Footage Of Her Injury Backstage At WrestleMania 35

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Ronda Rousey was ready for WrestleMania 35 and commented how it felt like the first day of the rest of her life while exiting her hotel room. It was going to be a long day with an unexpected injury to cap it off.

While riding to the event, Rousey made a comment that was both quite concerning and revealing at the same time.

“I’ve come to accept that my accomplishments will only be appreciated after I’m like… dead and even then probably not.”

Upon arriving, Ronda Rousey was led into MetLife Stadium to start the process before the show of shows. She hugged plenty of people backstage including Liv Morgan who was invited into Rousey’s private locker room to hang out.

Rousey said that she was going to make her mother a pro wrestling fan at WrestleMania. Her mother said that “maybe the lights will fall on you” to which Ronda said that everything is going to be “f*cking awesome.”

When Rousey finally got to meet Joan Jett there was another big hug in store. This iconic meeting occurred during Shane McMahon’s entrance which you can hear in the background of the video.

Jett admitted that this was her first time watching professional wrestling. Then it was time for Rousey to get ready for her big WrestleMania match as Paul Heyman walked alongside her to the Gorilla Position.

After the big WrestleMania main event, Rousey hugged her mom at ringside who was concerned for her. Ronda replied, “It’s fine I think I might have broken my knuckle, it’s all right. I love you, mom.” Then she left up a WWE ramp for maybe the last time for a while.

They showed Rousey backstage getting her hand checked out and it was already very bruised. Ronda said that she caught “a pinkie on the elbow,” but it did more damage than she thought. Rousey was obviously in pain as Travis Browne was right there by her side to get an X-Ray immediately following the match.

Triple H gave Ronda Rousey a big hug following her X-Ray where she could tell that her hand was injured. Then they seemed to promote an upcoming project called “Ronda Rousey: Year One” which is coming soon.

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