WWE Preventing The Undertaker From Taking Part In Advertised Q&A Tour

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The Undertaker is doing a lot more things outside of WWE including the Starrcast event. He has been stepping out of his Dead Man mystique, but one tour that a lot of people were very excited about is not happening.

Inside The Ropes was promoting a three-date Q&A tour for The Undertaker. Tickets were really expensive that actually drew some fans to be critical, but now it looks like those dates are not happening as scheduled.

In a video on YouTube, it was announced that the upcoming Undertaker tour is now being changed. It was explained that The Rise Of The Taker tour is now partly called off because they are not allowed to actually do a Q&A.

The Undertaker is still appearing to do autographs, but he’s not allowed to do the Q&A. Instead, they are bringing in Mick Foley to take his place for the Q&A portion of the show.

It is said that they tried everything to make it happen, but it can’t happen. As we previously reported Conrad Thompson also wanted to do a Q&A as a part of Starrcast, but WWE wouldn’t allow it. WWE has something against The Undertaker being a part of any event that is broadcasted. It is interesting how Taker’s pastor has been able to do multiple Q&A sessions. However, Taker is not allowed to do the Inside The Ropes event now.


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