Dean Ambrose’s WWE Status Following RAW After WrestleMania

Dean Ambrose made his final appearance on RAW this week as he was absolutely squashed and fed to Bobby Lashley. The assault was so brutal that Renee Young had to rush up and be by her husband’s side. This was how WWE wrote Dean Ambrose out of the company.

You can never say never in WWE because crazier things have happened before, but Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that although WWE has teased his exit for a few weeks the RAW After WrestleMania did mark Ambrose’s last night on RAW.

“This is really… this was his last night in.”

It looks like Dean Ambrose could be showing up wherever he wants to following his WWE contract expiration. It is expected to take place in a matter of days and then AEW could be very interested in bringing Ambrose in.

At least Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were able to show up after RAW went off the air to allow Dean Ambrose an opportunity to say goodbye to the Barclays Center.

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Written by Felix Upton

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