Fans Break Out Beach Balls To Show Anger At RAW Main Event

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WWE really teased the RAW After WrestleMania crowd with something special as another Winner Take All match was booked. This time it was between Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins and then The Bar came out to ruin things.

The fans chanted “AEW, CM Punk, Bullsh*t” and more at the wrestlers in the ring. However, they were really directing their rage at Vince McMahon for pulling such a swerve on his most passionate fan base.

So the crowd broke out the beach balls and started having their own kind of a good time. As you can see from the video below, Cesaro didn’t like that at all and he murdered another beach ball just like he did in the past. It’s becoming a tradition for him.

Wrestlers don’t appreciate beach balls because it obviously distracts from the show. However, the fans certainly didn’t appreciate being jerked around either. So bringing out beach balls seems like the best way they can protest since Vince McMahon already had their money.

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