Bret Hart Attacker’s Mugshot Revealed

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Bret Hart was attacked at the WWE Hall OF Fame and nobody was cool with it. The crowd in the Barclays Center was furious as they should be. The Hitman dusted it off and continued on with his speech to his credit

There was a bad mugshot floating around showing a guy with a busted up face. That was not Zach Madsen, Bret Hart’s attacker. However, we have been able to acquire his actual mugshot.

As you can see, Madsen let his hair grow out considerably since his January arrest for stalking. He didn’t look too banged up, but he was probably feeling those body shots from Travis Browne in the morning.

Madsen is facing a few charges that WWE isn’t probably going to drop any time soon. So yeah, he might be in jail for a good chunk of time.

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