How Long Kofi Kingston’s Possible WWE Title Run Is Planned To Last

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Kofi Kingston has a huge match next Sunday at WrestleMania. He will get a chance to leave MetLife Stadium as WWE Champion. However, that was not WWE original plan for the show of shows at all. It is another example of how plans can change.

Wrestling News reports that Vince McMahon still hasn’t made up their minds about whether Kofi Kingston will win the WWE Title at the show of shows. Of course, betting odds tell a much different story.

If Kingston is able to pull down the WWE Title from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania the plan is that he will likely drop the title by SummerSlam. The reason for this shorter title reign is because WWE has “other ideas” of who they want to be the blue brand’s top champion by the time WrestleMania rolls around.

This might make some fans very happy to see Kingston at least hold the WWE Title for a short time before the biggest party of the summer. However, you really never know how WWE will book things because a New Day breakup is always a possibility that could throw a huge wrench in plans.

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