Kofi Kingston’s WWE WrestleMania Match Could Involve New Day Breakup

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The New Day made their official WWE debut on November 28th, 2014. Kofi Kingston was already a seasoned Superstar which is accentuated in his current push.

Although Kofi, Big E, and Xavier Woods have won a lot of matches, won five WWE Tag Team Championships, and sold truckloads of merchandise nothing can last forever. Perhaps Kofi Kingston’s push is the beginning of the end for The New Day.

Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that he believes after Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan’s match at Fastlane, Big E will pull a Seth Rollins and take out Kofi Kingston betraying him to start a WrestleMania program.

“Big E is going to turn on Kofi Kingston. I watched the show last night. Kofi’s talking about how he loves his brothers. He’s getting another opportunity. These guys are just hanging out in the background and throwing pancakes. It’s inevitable. Big E vs Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania. That’s my prediction.”

It was noted that WWE will likely continue on with their plan to pair Daniel Bryan up with a returning Superstar at WrestleMania as we previously reported.

It might be a very sad moment to see The New Day break up. It also makes you wonder where Xavier Woods would fit in this situation if WWE goes with Alvarez’s prediction.

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