Corey Graves and Carmella brought a lot of attention to themselves when Graves’ soon-to-be ex-wife sent out a few angry social media messages about them having a relationship. Those Instagram messages from Grave’s estranged wife were deleted, but they were up for long enough that plenty of fans were made aware of Graves and Mella’s relationship.

The two haven’t posted a picture together on social media, but they still follow each other. We have actually seen no sign that they are a real couple other than through Graves’ wife’s claims. However, Total Divas was in contact with Corey Graves about appearing on the next season of the show which Mella is coming back for.

Carmella posted a video on her Instagram page featuring a photo shoot she was doing for her new wine company. During these videos, she calls a man named Christian Giraldo “honey.” There is also a graphic she put up of a crown calling him a “king.”

Some fans have written us asking if this means that Carmella and Corey Graves broke up. While we are unaware if the two are still a couple we can be very sure that Christian Giraldo is not Carmella’s new love interest.

If you click on the link to his Instagram profile you will quickly see that he is very active and very into fitness. In his posts he uses #GaySpain and #GayFitness several times as well. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that he would be attracted to Carmella in that way.

The big telling sign might be whether or not Carmella and Corey Graves arrive together at the WWE Hall Of Fame red carpet. So for all of our awesome readers who sent us this tip, we appreciate the heads-up as always, but it’s very likely that Mella was simply calling Giraldo “honey” in an unromantic way.

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