WWE could very well have Brock Lesnar around for longer than WrestleMania, but WWE is being extremely tight-lipped about what kind of schedule he will have. This is nothing new for WWE to keep fans guessing when it comes to the Beast Incarnate, but it might go even further than that.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that Brock Lesnar is expected to stick around after WrestleMania and that he very well could retain his Universal Title at the show of shows. He also explained some of the lengths the company is taking to make sure that even employees are kept in the dark.

It was reported that WWE employees who used to receive a notice about Brock Lesnar’s upcoming schedule are not being given that information anymore. It looks like Lesnar’s WWE status is on a need to know basis.

The fact that WWE is being so elusive with Brock Lesnar’s future with the company could very well indicate that there is no real intention of him going anywhere. He could very likely keep working an extremely profitable part-time WWE schedule, but the company is only releasing the information as it is made known to everyone else.

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