Possible Spoiler On Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania Match & Future With WWE

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Brock Lesnar is making a ton of money with WWE to show up on a very limited basis and plug a fight that is usually over relatively quickly. This is a great gig for him, but there is a lot of money in the UFC too. You never know what could happen in WWE especially with another WrestleMania event approaching.

Brad Shepard revealed during Oh, You Didn’t Know what his sources in WWE have told him about the Beast Incarnate that could also provide a bit of a WrestleMania spoiler.

“I was told not to bank on Lesnar leaving WWE. His contract is up shortly thereafter after WrestleMania. I was also told not to bank on Lesnar losing the title to Seth Rollins”

You never know what Brock Lesnar is going to do, but he is all about the money. Therefore, with another Saudi Arabia show happening the next month, he might stick around for even longer or sign another deal.

Lesnar is not featured in SummerSlam promotional material either, but WWE could always alter that once they get closer to the show.

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