WWE Superstars get a lot of opportunities to act outside of the company. WWE Studios has produced several films that featured WWE Superstars and Randy Orton has been a part of those projects before. Now he is stepping out of the WWE umbrella for a new role on Seth Green’s new movie.

Deadline reports that Orton has been cast in Seth Green’s directorial debut, “Changeland.” The film is currently set for a June 7th release.

Although Orton’s role is not clear, he is being billed as a co-star in the film. Orton has previously starred in The Condemned 2, 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, and Countdown (as himself) among other projects. This new role could very well translate into more.

According to the report, “Changeland” is set to tell the story of, “Brandon (Green), an unexceptional guy who prepaid for an exotic second honeymoon to save his failing marriage. On the eve of his anniversary, he discovers his wife’s long affair and runs away with his best friend Dan (Meyer) to avoid conflict and figure out what comes next. As they share breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime experiences meant for a happy couple, their friendship is exposed as potentially strained as Brandon’s marriage. The characters they encounter will impact Brandon’s life forever.”


This sounds interesting enough and it will be very fun to see Randy Orton in another medium. Maybe he will get a chance to twerk in the film because he is very multi-talented.

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