A mystery surrounded the corridors of Friday Night SmackDown regarding the person who attacked Dragon Lee backstage, one night before he was set to compete in his first WrestleMania a few weeks ago.

Lee was scheduled to team up with his idol, Rey Mysterio to battle Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio in a tag team match at WrestleMania 40. However, after being attacked, Rey chose to replace him with fellow Mexican star, Andrade El Idolo.

For weeks, rumors swirled regarding the attacker, and tonight’s edition of SmackDown revealed the culprit. Following Rey and Dragon Lee’s win over Angel and Berto in a tag team match with fellow LWO members Zelina Vega and Carlito by their side, they were confronted by their arch-rivals, Legado Del Fantasma.

The leader of the group, Santos Escobar boldly proclaimed that he was everything but a liar and with the help of his cohort, Electra Lopez extracted the security footage of Dragon Lee. As he played the video, it was shown that it was in fact LWO’s own Carlito who assaulted Dragon Lee and then created a ruse of trying to come to his aid.


With his crime out in the open, Carlito blindsided both Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee with an attack and exited the proceedings through the crowd as LWO was left shocked ringside.

What are your thoughts on Carlito being revealed as Dragon Lee’s attacker on SmackDown? Sound off in the comments!

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