How Many Fans Actually Canceled WWE Network Subscriptions Over Saudi Arabia Deal

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WWE Crown Jewel enraged a lot of fans. Some people didn’t feel comfortable about WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia in the first place, but the murder of Jamal Khashoggi weeks before the event caused a huge public outcry.

Suddenly, WWE was urged by fans and the general public alike to pull out of their WWE Crown Jewel event. WWE inked a decade-long deal with KSA last year which will only see more money pumped into Vince McMahon’s company for the next ten years. Therefore, canceling was a no-go.

When WWE released their fourth-quarter earnings report yesterday there were a few very interesting revelations. Not only was the actual WWE Network subscriber number released, but if you did the math it was evident that only around 37,000 fans canceled their subscriptions around the time of WWE Crown Jewel.

370,000 a month might sound like a lot because that is what WWE lost with that number of canceled subscriptions. However, even the 4,440,000 a year that WWE will be out if all of those people keep their subscriptions canceled is a drop in the bucket compared to the huge number KSA is promising the company as part of their contract.

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