Reason Behind WWE’s Undertaker Hall Of Fame Email Botch

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The Undertaker is a shoo-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame, but he has not seen an induction yet. That didn’t stop WWE from promoting him as a WWE Hall Of Famer recently. Then once they realized their mistake, WWE changed the advertisement.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that the email sent out by WWE Network saying that Taker was a WWE Hall Of Famer was likely just an accident that everyone picked up on.

“Earlier there was an accidental email sent out where they had Undertaker listed as a WWE Hall Of Famer. So I spoke to a source in WWE about that. They said it’s probably an accident and frankly that information would have been put out internally before reaching the WWE Network team that sent out that email.”

Shepard said there is nothing on the table right now for a WrestleMania match at this point as well. However, that doesn’t mean he will be in the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

WWE is said to be changing up with WWE Hall Of Fame this year. It could already be happening because by this time last year we already knew Goldberg was going into the WWE Hall Of Fame. It’s a shame he would later say that the WWE Hall Of Fame is stupid.

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