Goldberg Says The WWE Hall Of Fame Is Stupid


Goldberg headlined the WWE Hall Of Fame this year, but if you ask him he wasn’t happy about the way it went down at all.

Goldberg recently spoke to Inside The Ropes about the Hall Of Fame and how he told Vince McMahon that the HOF ceremony needs to be changed… because it sucks.

“First and foremost, I went to Vince and I told him my impression of the Hall Of Fame and what should happen. I don’t think it does justice to the people being inducted. I don’t think it does a justice to the fans that sit there for four hours. I think it needs to be changed completely right on its head. I don’t care what anybody says and I don’t care if the person who puts it together thinks I’m full of sh*t. It needs to be changed because it sucks.”

“I don’t care about what other people say or how they did it, I’m telling you in my experience as a headliner in 2018 in the Hall Of Fame — it needs to be changed.”

It certainly sounds like he might not have gotten over the fact that nobody stuck around to hear his HOF speech at the end of the massively long event in the middle of WrestleMania weekend.

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