WWE Might Have Spoiled The Undertaker’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

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The WWE Hall Of Fame is a yearly event where the WWE Universe gathers to honor legends from the past. It is usually a night that everyone enjoys unless you’re Goldberg because he thinks the WWE HOF is stupid.

WWE recently released some episodes of Superstars on the WWE Network. This was a program that was kept off of the Network previously due to complicated reasons, however, they are releasing some episode and WWE is excited about it.

In fact, the company is so thrilled about it that they might have leaked some vital information. While proclaiming that Superstars is on the WWE Network, the advertisement says:

“Witness WWE Hall Of Famers The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and more.”

This could be an instance of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing once again in WWE. Or maybe they need a better fact-checker when it comes to promotional material. Either way, it is certainly interesting.

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