Lars Sullivan Deletes Strange Tweets Before WWE Royal Rumble

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Lars Sullivan is a man of many words, but sometimes he lets his words get out of hand. This is apparent by all of his bodybuilding message board antics.

Sullivan didn’t debut on the WWE main roster as scheduled a few weeks ago because he suffered from what was believed to be an anxiety attack. He tweeted out right before the Royal Rumble kickoff show yesterday a couple of times, at first as his “social media representative” William Christensen saying:

“There has been a lot of speculation about Lars recently. It’s true, he went missing several weeks ago and I was just able to contact him this morning. Lars wants everyone to know he is in a good place, and is sorry to everyone he’s disappointed.” 

Then Sullivan sent out another message simply saying that he is not in Phoenix.

Lars Sullivan has since deleted both of those tweets. However, if you’re not following him then it is impossible to see anything he says because Sullivan’s account is still under protected status.

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