Lars Sullivan Is In A Good Place & Apologizes For Disappointing Everyone

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There is a lot of question regarding Lars Sullivan. It seems like WWE is carrying on with plans for Sullivan according to Triple H, but we still don’t know what will happen with him next. He reportedly went home after suffering from what is believed to be an anxiety attack instead of making his main roster debut.

Lars Sullivan’s “social media representative” William Christensen has spoken on Sullivan’s behalf before and he recently sent out a message to address The Freak’s recent situation.

“There has been a lot of speculation about Lars recently. It’s true, he went missing several weeks ago and I was just able to contact him this morning. Lars wants everyone to know he is in a good place, and is sorry to everyone he’s disappointed. 

Best, WC”

This really felt like a genuine apology to us. If it makes him feel any better, we forgive Sullivan. Now we will have to wait and see when WWE pulls the trigger on Lars Sullivan’s debut.

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