This is not a complete result of the Men’s Royal Rumble match. If you would like to read everything that went down you can check out our full results here.

Bobby Lashley came in at #26 and Seth Rollins had already spent a lot of time in the match coming in at #10. Lashley was eliminated very soon after getting in the match and he wasn’t happy at all. So he dragged Rollins under the ropes and put him through an announce table.

Braun Strowman came in at #27 and he got to work in the match as well taking out Baron Corbin in no time. Dolph Ziggler came out next meaning that he straight up lied to everyone about being on a hiatus from WWE.

#29 was Randy Orton and he took his time getting to the ring.

#30 came and R-Truth walked out to rap for the crowd. Then Nia Jax jumped him from behind and took him out just like she did Lana previously in the night.

Then Nia Jax entered herself into the Men’s Royal Rumble match to destroy everyone she saw. Jax eliminated Mustafa Ali after he lasted over 30 minutes. Then Randy Orton was her next target.

Jax and Orton faced off and she talked some trash and he tried to hit an RKO, but she blocked it and set up a 6-1-9 for Mysterio until she grabbed Rey and Ziggler hit her with a Superkick followed by a 6-1-9 from Mysterio and an RKO from Orton on Nia Jax.

Randy and Rey eventually eliminated Nia with the help of a dropkick from Mysterio to finish things off. Then Randy hit an RKO on Mysterio and eliminated him.

Suddenly, Andrade tossed Randy Orton over the top rope leaving only Ziggler and Andrade in the ring. They forgot about Braun Strowman who ran in to level both of them with a double clothesline.

Rollins was also still in the match, but he was still selling on the outside of the ring after taking that table spot. Rollins came back in the match and now the final four were Strowman, Andrade, Ziggler, and Rollins.

Braun threw Andrade out of the ring and then Ziggler and Rollins tried to eliminate Braun, but he ended up knocking Ziggler out of the match. Rollins got Braun Strowman on the apron and then Strowman nailed a chokeslam after surviving two superkicks.

Suddenly, Seth Rollins eliminated Braun Strowman, won the Royal Rumble match, and pointed to the WrestleMania sign.

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