Renee Young Fires Back At Hater For Blasting Her WWE RAW Commentary Style

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Renee Young is the first-ever woman to receive the honor of being a full-time announcer on WWE RAW. It is a title she wears proudly, but not everyone is a fan.

Young recently revealed that she’s been cooking delicious bad food, but today starts her journey to “crop up.” One fan thought this was the perfect moment to share his thoughts about her commentary style so they posted a pretty biting reply.

“And tomorrow you will say ‘Oh!‘ , ‘Oh my god!‘ , & absolutely zero during Dean’s match, and try to pass it off as ‘commentary.'”

Young treated this comment like water off a duck’s back. She simply responded saying that they are incorrect because that is what she will be doing today since it is Monday.

“Wrong. I will do that ‘today’”

The fact that Young used quotations around the word ‘today’ leads us to believe that she gets it. Kudos to Renee Young for being able to handle the criticism she’s receiving and keep a level head.

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