Renee Young On How Disgusting Microphones Get In WWE

WWE has a lot of people working in similar jobs and sometimes they need to share equipment, including microphones. This can become some kind of a sanitation issue eventually.

Renee Young opened up on Regular Girls about how disgusting the microphone situation can get in WWE. Apparently, you have to speak very closely into the mic in order for it to really work correctly, or at least Superstars are always doing so. This can be trouble after too many speak their mind during backstage interviews, it can especially be a problem when the mic is right in front of your face on a headset.

“Usually I’m wearing a headset like Britney Spears style. It usually just hovers close to my mouth, but I don’t like how close it actually has to be to my face so I’m constantly adjusting it and then during commercial breaks, our audio guy has to run in to readjust it. It’s a real problem.”

“Then during pay-per-views — and Tuesdays we’re doing Mixed Match Challenge so I have to, as soon as SmackDown goes off the air, we swap out announcer and start doing Mixed Match Challenge so I take Byron Saxton’s headset which people told me that it’s sweaty, but it’s not so, thank you Byron for that.”

“There’s no time for it not to be intimate. There’s no time to clean stuff and swap it out, you just gotta go.”

“When I’m doing like a backstage interview or something, first of all, all mics smell like bad breath cause people are like telling their deepest, darkest secrets into this microphone from the guttural part of their belly — it’s disgusting. There’s like fur on it like hair bits, it’s disgusting. I’m constantly trying to like clean it and like better the situation of the mic, but I’m a one-woman show. I can only do so much.”

Renee Young does still have to share a microphone, but at least she’s not holding the backstage mic for interviews anymore. It’s easy to understand how microphones might get dirty, but you’d think WWE could spring for some kind of disinfectant wipes.

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