When The Revival’s WWE Contracts Officially Expire

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The Revival asked for their WWE release on Monday, but it was not granted. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder haven’t been shy about dropping hints recently either. Now it looks like they’re staying with WWE no matter what they want to do.

The burning question is how long The Revival are locked into their contracts. Dave Meltzer revealed this information on Wrestling Observer Radio and it’s not the best news for fans hoping to see the Top Guys in AEW so soon.

“They haven’t been given their release. Their contract isn’t up until April 2020 which is a long ways away.”

The Revival might be getting a push out of this situation very soon and it could already be happening. They tore it up at the house show in San Antonio and everyone who saw it agreed.

It looks like if AEW wants them and WWE won’t let them go, then it will be a while before it happens. The silver lining is that if The Revival can’t get free until April 2020, then it will give All Elite Wrestling even more time to gain traction so The Revival can come in when things are really rolling for AEW.

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