Hulk Hogan Talks Possibility Of WWE In-Ring Return

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Hulk Hogan made his return to WWE Raw and took part in a brilliant tribute to the legendary “Mean” Gene Okerlund. WWE was said to be very happy about how this segment came across and there are probably more plans for Hogan down the line. However, that doesn’t mean The Hulkster will be putting his red and yellow ring gear back on.

The recently reinstated WWE Hall Of Famer spoke to People where he didn’t give much hope at all that fans will ever see him actually wrestle again.

“I’m too old to wrestle. I embarrassed myself enough out there by moving too slow, so I don’t want to get back in there again.”

“I don’t think I could. I could probably wrestle somebody like John Cena or Vince McMahon, but as soon as I’d be done they’d be taking me straight to the hospital to fix something … the body’s too worn out for that.”

Hulk Hogan realizes at 65-year-old that he can’t perform in the ring anymore. That won’t stop him from entertaining plenty of Hulkamaniacs in the process however he can. We’ll just have to wait and see when we will see Hulk Hogan next.

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