Carmella Fires Back At Sonya Deville Asking How Long Her Title Reign Was

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Carmella is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion and has a list of other accomplishments as well. It seems like Sonya Deville might have forgotten about this when throwing shade at Mella.

Deville said that Carmella is just taking up a spot. It seems like she is trying to find someone to feud with since Mandy Rose has Naomi to battle, but it might not have been the best move. Because Carmella can bite back.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion and Mixed Match Challenge season two winner fired back at her hater in pretty convincing fashion.

“Hey, Rosebud, let me just spit some facts right quick:

1st Ms MITB
Longest MITB holder
1st woman to cash in successfully
Champion for 130 days
Beat Charlotte 2x
Beat Asuka 2x
Putting smiles on kids faces by allowing them to join our dance break

How long was your title reign?”

Maybe this was a case of Sonya Deville not doing her homework before taking a shot at Carmella. Either way, we have to give this exchange to The Princess Of Staten Island.

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