Sonya Deville Throws Shade At Carmella For Taking Up A Spot In WWE

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Carmella is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion. However, the timing of her reign might have been needed so Charlotte Flair could take some time off to get some corrective cosmetic surgery. Recently Mella turned babyface and dance breaks have become a favorite part of SmackDown Live for some fans.

However, it seems like not everyone is enjoying what Carmella is doing. Sonya Deville seemed pretty frustrated when she vented about the Princess Of Staten Island on Twitter.

Sonya Deville didn’t like the fact that Carmella got a #1 contender’s match and seemingly wasted the opportunity. The fact that Carmella has a #30 entry in the Royal Rumble match really makes Deville want to put her hair up and square up.

“The fact that THIS is what took my spot in the triple threat match last week AND is gonna take up some more wasted space in the rumble.”

It looks like Mandy Rose has Naomi to battle with as she carries on in her scandalous storyline with Jimmy Uso. Now Sonya Deville could be keeping herself busy with Carmella. If anything, we will patiently await The Princess Of Staten Island’s reply.

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