There are a number of former WWE Superstars who are out there working the indies or enjoying their post-WWE careers. However, there are also plenty of people who we would love to see make a return as well.

It turns out that WWE has a list of their own and they recently revealed who they want to see come back this year. You might not agree with this list, but as The Rock says it is your right to complain because that’s what democracy is all about.

WWE listed off Batista first while pointing out that The Animal returned on SmackDown 1000 and said about Triple H, “There’s nothing, nothing this man hasn’t done in this business… except beat me.”

Yes, this is a rumored WrestleMania match that we heard, however, Triple H’s pectoral injury might have put a stop to it. The video still drops a pretty big hint that we could see these two face off in 2019.

Eva Marie was next on WWE’s list because she is a former WWE Superstar that they want to see return apparently.

WWE listed off the fact that she had three non-matches in a row before fizzling out. However, they seemed to wonder if we could see a return of All Red Everything in 2019.

If you have been following Eva Marie since her WWE release, she is not a redhead anymore. In fact, her hair has taken on several different colors. Eva has hinted that she is interested in a WWE return, but you never know if either side would be serious about it.

Eva Marie’s latest project seems to be as a house guest on Celebrity Big Brother. Her appearance on the show was spoiled by social media recently.

WWE listed Wade Barrett as someone they would like to see make a return in 2019 as well. This one might not happen as Barrett seems to be very happy doing his own thing right now.

The former IC Champion did appear in the final moments of Lucha Underground’s season four finale. You never know if that show will return and pick up where they left off.

Barrett is also an authority figure on the World Of Sport television show in the United Kingdom.

As Stu Bennett, he seems to be doing just fine without WWE as he described his last run with the company as sad, but you can never say never in professional wrestling.

WWE really needs star power in this New Era, so they might just have to make a call to The Great One. It seems like when The Rock left WWE he started appearing everywhere else so it’s like he never really went away, but WWE would love to see his return in 2019.

The Rock hasn’t been able to wrestle due to Hollywood obligations. This is something that John Cena is dealing with presently. However, you never know if The People’s Champ could come back for another run.

It is said that WWE made plans for The Rock vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, but Roman’s leukemia and WWE hiatus nixed that match. Now it appears as if The Rock has one project after another with no time to wrestle.

Like it or not, that is WWE’s list of Superstars they want to return in 2019. Who would like you like to see come back in 2019? It is very interesting who WWE picked for this list and even more fascinating who they left off.

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