We previously reported that WWE had plans for The Rock to win the Royal Rumble and go on to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. This report came from Wrestle Votes and it also noted that those plans have obviously been changed at this point. However, The Rock vs Brock Lesnar sounds very interesting in 2019.
Dave Meltzer commented on the Wrestling Observer message boards saying that he has never heard that The Rock was booked for the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. This contradicted the previous report from Wrestle Votes.
Cutting to the point, Ringside News founder Steve From Florida asked Wrestle Votes if he would comment on Meltzer’s report. The reply we received double-downed on Wrestle Votes’ previous report while pointing out that different sources have access to various pieces of information.
“Seems like Dave Meltzer is refuting my tweet about Rock & the Rumble. That’s fair. But in wrestling, plans change ALL the time. To say a trusted source didn’t give me this information is dumb. As everyone can tell, my sources are usually pretty good. So I believe them. Still,” Wrestle Votes replied.
Twitter user RyanInTheHotTub also tweeted in response to Wrestle Votes’ reply with some additional insight saying: “It wasn’t just you as well, heard it from a few very good people and all the betting odds were heavily in favor of this too. I am hoping we still get a Rock match at Wrestlemania.”
We might never know the real answer unless The Rock speaks out about this himself. After all, there are a ton of ideas in the WWE writers’ room that are never used. It would still be pretty interesting to see this happen as Dwayne Johnson hasn’t wrestled a proper match in a very long time. At this stage in his career, he might want another mini-run with WWE. So why not?

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